Join the COVID-19
HealthCare Roster!

Are you an underutilized doctor or nurse? Or someone with skills that could help on the frontlines of healthcare? ​

Hospitals and Healthcare facilities Need You!​

What is this?

People want to help. Managing that help is tough. We’re leveraging the latest technology to better organize what skills people have, when they’re available and where they can go.

How can I help?

Sign up on the roster if you're able to share your skills and experience in ways that will help frontline healthcare professionals. If you don’t see your skills listed, send us a message and please be patient.

How does it work?

Simply download the COVID-19 Healthcare Roster app, enter your skills and availability and you'll be automatically added to the database. From there, someone will be in touch with more information.

Building a nationwide database of unutilized healthcare workers to help combat COVID-19

Canada is currently facing a health crisis on a scale not seen in our lifetime. As such, there is and will continue to be an urgent need for underutilized healthcare workers to join the efforts on the front lines of hospitals across the country. This is a need that will persist, whether it is with subsequent waves of COVID-19 or pandemic preparedness for the future.​

“Coming together to help Canada's Healthcare workers hold the line”

Response from the public

In New York alone, more than 52,000 health professionals have joined the state’s surge healthcare force, declaring their ability and desire to help during the crisis after being called on by Governor Cuomo. In Canada, we have started to see response as provincial governments have started to put out the call. Quebec has set up an email address for anyone with healthcare experience to contact – they received roughly 10,000 responses.​​

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